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Property Preservation Company

Elite Property Services is a full service property preservation company. We work with vendors throughout the Chicagoland area at a local level to help ensure the properties we manage are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies not only with investor and regulatory guidelines but also with homeowner association (HOA), condo owner association (COA) and municipal codes and requirements. We have excellent relationships with our local experts and are in constant communication, which ensures that all properties we manage are well maintained and preserved.

Our ability to outperform client expectations is the cornerstone of our company and it’s what enables us to act quickly and proactively regardless of what new direction the industry takes us. We service all of our properties with dedication and care unmatched in the industry. No matter what we do our focus is on helping our client –  which include major banks, credit unions, government-sponsored enterprises, and non-profits – adapt to the realities of a changing real estate market.  We believe everyone benefits when communities are given the support they need to grow sustainably, and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that look beyond the bottom line. We want to be apart of the beautification of the neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area.

We use advanced information technology and employ friendly and skilled staff with years of experience in the property preservation industry to provide the highest-quality services possible. Our core aim is to deliver exceptional services at a reasonable price and with the fastest turnaround time, all without compromising quality. Let Elite Property Services be your preferred property preservation company and receive cost-effective solutions for your valuable assets—guaranteed. We come to you for free estimates.  We introduce ourselves as new next door neighbors. Let us get a feel for you and you get a feel for us.  Establish rapport, establish trust, and then get down to the business of how we can help you with your home or business.

Occupancy Check

Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first-time vacancy, and property condition.

Snow Removal

Elite Property Services can winterize your properties in accordance to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines.


We provide lawn maintenance and lawn care services, ranging from mowing to shrub trimming and more.

Inspection Services

Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first time vacancy, and property condition.


Boarding up windows with plywood can prevent dangerous debris from smashing into your home during a tropical storm with violent winds.

Dry Wall Repairs

We repair any size damage from holes, scratches, dents and gauges in all drywall.

Securing Services

Elite Property Services can provide all services necessary for initial securing or re-keying of a property.

Smoke Detectors 

Elite Property Services will replace smoke detectors batteries with new and high quality ones.

Sweeping and Cleaning 

Elite Property Services will offer you cleaning services of any type.

About Us

Elite Property Services works with vendors and real estate agents to protect and preserve vacant properties. With the help of our network of contractors, we ensure each property is secure, free of debris and winterized, and that the lawn is maintained.  All work is completed in accordance with applicable investor and insurer guidelines. Our contractors inspect and report all damage while at the property so that EPS can provide a bid to repair, which allows our clients to mitigate issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. All work done is documented with before and after photos.

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Quality Services

We are professionals and we provide quality services for all our customers.

Fast Services

We get your job done within a short period of time.


We offer friendly support for any of our services.

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